How does it work?

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You tell us your rent date: 1st of the month, the 15th, your favourite number? You tell us.

We charge your card 5 days before it’s due. This helps to ensure your landlord is paid on time.

We pay your landlord the day rent is due. We send them an automatic Interac eTransfer.

Know when your rent has been sent. Receive a receipt when your rent is in the landlord’s inbox.

It's time to pay rent

Now it’s time to pay rent

Payment times: Landlord payment times on Get Digs vary slightly from month to month (8am-5pm ET). As long as we’ve received your rent payment 5 days before your rent payment due date, your landlord will receive their payment on time.

Payment status: You’ll know your landlord has the e-transfer in their inbox when you receive your Rent Receipt email.

Please note: We can’t confirm if your landlord has accepted the Interac e-transfer yet, but we’re working on it!

How does my landlord receive my rent?

We send an Interac e-transfer to your landlord 5 days after we’ve received your payment. The Interac email notification will be sent from one of two email addresses: or Get Digs will be the sender name, but the email is not from Get Digs or RBC.

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