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Signing up on Get Digs

Does it cost anything to pay my rent through Get Digs?

Get Digs charges a service fee on each rent payment made through our platform (1% for Visa). The service fee will be charged within 60 days of your rent payment date.

What will you need from me to sign up?

We'll need the following info about your landlord: their first and last name (or company name) and the e-mail address that the Interac e-transfer should go to.

Can I start my payments any day of the month?

You can select any rent payment date between the 1st and the 28th of the month. Just remember, we need 3 days to activate your account.

If for some reason we are not able to verify your account prior to the start date you requested, your payments will begin the same date of the following month. If you have concerns, contact us at!

I'm a landlord. What is this?

Get Digs lets renters make their rent payments using a credit card (letting them collect rewards points or cashback faster), while ensuring you get paid by automated Interac e-Transfer. Best of all, accepting rent payments through Get Digs is totally free for you.

You don’t have to create a Get Digs account or have an RBC account, and the rent amount you collect doesn’t change – the service fee is charged to the renter directly. We send your rent payments on the day the payment is due as long as your renter makes a payment on time. It is your renter's responsibility to confirm the correct rental amount and make rent payments on time.

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Can I pay my condo fees, utilities, commercial lease, mortgage, etc with Get Digs?

Get Digs can only process recurring, residential rent payments.

Other rent or rent-related payments such as commercial leases, mortgages, condo fees and utilities are not currently supported. If you have more questions, contact us at

Why does it take 3 days to activate my account?

Get Digs takes 3 days to properly review, verify and approve your information. Once your account is activated, you will receive an e-mail confirming when your first payment date is on Get Digs. Should we have any questions with your sign up information, you’ll hear from us!

Please note: if your account is activated after your ideal rent payment date, Get Digs will automatically push your payment date out by one month.

Paying rent on Get Digs

What payment methods can I use to pay rent on Get Digs?

Get Digs lets you make your rent payments through Visa credit cards. You can add your payment method from your Get Digs dashboard, and change your payment method at any time.

What does the Interac e-Transfer look like?

Get Digs uses Interac e-Transfer to send your rent payment over to your landlord. So, it'll look exactly like one of those!

Each e-transfer will be sent from either of these two e-mails: or It wouldn't hurt to ask your landlord to make sure these e-mails are added to their safe sender list, just in case.

"Get Digs" will appear as the sender name, and the body of the message will be personalized to match your rental details: your name, rental address, and your landlord's name. This way, your landlord will know exactly who the money is from!

example of Get Digs e-Transfer email

Is this a cash advance or a purchase?

Your payments on Get Digs will appear as a regular purchase on your card – like online shopping or buying a coffee – not a cash advance.

Are you classified as a recurring bill payment?

Yes! Get Digs is now classified as a recurring bill payment. Don't forget to select recurring bills as your rewards category before you make your rent payment.

I need to change my landlord’s e-mail address! What do I do?

Let us know right away! Please reach out to our Customer Success team by e-mail at We’ll need at least 3 business days to make the change to your account.

How does my landlord get paid?

Glad you asked! You pay us using the payment method you select, and when we receive your payment, we pay your landlord using the e-mail address you provide to us during sign-up. As long as you make your rent payment before 5PM ET the day it's due, we send your landlord a secure, automated Interac e-Transfer five days later. Get Digs typically sends out e-transfers between 8am-6pm ET (national holidays and weekends, too!)

Keep in mind, this also means that if we don’t receive your rent payment, your landlord won’t either. Make sure your card is active and that you provided us with the correct landlord e-mail address so that your landlord receives their rent payment!

Please reach out to our Customer Success team by e-mail at if you need assistance with your account.

I made a payment but my landlord hasn't received it yet. What gives?

Get Digs sends your payment 5 days after we receive it. Our payment cut-off is 5pm ET each day.

If your landlord should have their e-transfer by now, we have a few tips to help you and your landlord locate their Interac e-Transfer e-mail after you've made your payment:

  1. Confirm the e-mail address that your landlord is checking. Does it match the one that you provided us?
  2. Has your landlord been able to search their inbox for e-mails from both of the following Interac e-mail addresses: and
  3. You saw this question coming: did your landlord check their junk mail?
  4. Is your landlord signed up for autodeposit? If so, the amount would be deposited automatically into their account after it was sent
  5. If your landlord receives several e-transfers on the day your rent is due, it's possible that the notification was grouped together with other Interac notification e-mails - so we always recommend double checking this as well

Need more assistance? We're happy to help via chat, or e-mail at

Do I have to log in to Get Digs on the day my payments are due to pay my rent?

You don’t have to. From your dashboard, you can “set it and forget it” by selecting recurring rent payments meaning you won’t need to log in to pay your rent.

If you prefer manual payments, that’s okay too! Simply login to your Get Digs account on the day your payment is due and make a payment from your dashboard before 5PM ET, to ensure your landlord gets paid on your rent due date. Remember, Get Digs sends your payment 5 days after we receive it.

You’ll get a reminder e-mail from us the day before your payment is due, to make it easier.

How do I skip a rent payment?

We totally get that you may need to skip a rent payment for any number of reasons. No problem!

You can easily skip a rent payment at any time by following these steps:

  1. Any time before your payment date, visit your Get Digs account dashboard and select the pencil icon under payment info or click here
  2. Remove your credit card or switch to manual payments
  3. Optional: If you would like to turn off rent reminder emails, you can do so from your account settings or click here

Once you’re ready to start paying again, either re-add your card, or switch back to automatic payments. From there, your next rent payment would be good to go.

Do you issue refunds?

Once your rent payment is processed, no refunds, cancellations or charge backs can be completed on the platform.

Make sure to review your rent amount and the landlord e-mail address you provided during sign up, at least 3 business days before your payment date. This way you can make sure that Get Digs will charge the correct account, and send your rent payment to your landlord at the right e-mail address!

Please reach out to our Customer Success team by e-mail at if you need assistance with your account.

Other questions

Can I split my rent payments with my roommates?

Absolutely. If you split rent payments, simply ask your roommate create their own Get Digs account!

How can I send first and last month’s rent on the Get Digs platform?

At this time we don’t support the payment of first and last month’s rent on our platform. We’re hoping to introduce it soon! What we recommend is to handle first and last month’s rent outside of Get Digs, and then payments on Get Digs can begin during month two of your lease.

I’m trying to enter my rent amount and the system is giving me an error. Help?

We can facilitate rent amounts between $400 and $5,500. If you pay more than $5,500 a month for your rental unit, please reach out to us at

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